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Hey y'all! Today, I am writing a My Thoughts Post on respect vs. fear. A little while ago, I had a wonderful reader ask me to write a post about "Practical application for girls to honor their parents." As I was thinking about this earlier today, I felt like God put in on my heart to write about this but also touching on why we should honor and obey our parents.
I really like this picture I found on Pinterest. I feel like many times children (now, particularly us girls) are told a lot of "do's and don'ts" but not enough "how's". And this really little picture really nails it. When we were told to honor out parents, we were asked to respect them at all times- even when they aren't present. How many of you remember a moment in your life when you were hanging out with friends and you made fun of you parents for something they did or said? What about times when you grudgingly obeyed instead of trusting they knew best? (Philippians 2:14-15) When we've done this (or do this), we are not honoring our parents as the Lord commands. But at times, I wonder when we do obey, is it out of genuine respect or fear?
When a child is small, parents must at times physically discipline their child when he/she does wrong, because young children don't have the maturity to be reasoned with. So, at first children obey out of fear. In their minds they know, "If I throw a fit, Mommy or Daddy will spanky me" or "If I refuse to clean my toys, Mommy will give me a time out". So out of fear of punishment, children obey. But once we grow older, we understand why we are told to do things, and we also understand how we must do them. Now let's ask ourselves. Do we obey and honor our parents out of fear or respect? Do we genuinely love them and want to obey and bring joy to their hearts? Or do we obey so that you won't be grounded, or have our phones and other privileges taken away from us...? What is your intent of the heart? (Jeremiah 17:10 + 1 Chronicles 28:9)  
As some of you know, I share five little pygmy goats with my neighbor. A lot of the times, when they disobey and eat in the "forbidden fenced area" or sneak out of their pen, I get the hose out and sprinkle them with water. (Goats don't like rain or water. At all.) So, after several times of being drenched, they know that Ashley means business and the little goats will at times obey me out of fear of being wet again. But that's an example of how God chose to create humans different from animals. We know the difference between right and wrong. We know why we do something, and we know when it's wrong. But more importantly God knows too. And when we respect our parents out of love, we obey and honor God.
I love how this picture depicts the love of a parent. How they truly want the best for us, even when it looks like they are the "bad guys". I encourage you to (please know I am also speaking to myself when I am saying this), but I encourage you to honor your parents out of genuine love, respect, and gratitude. In fact, why don't you go give them a big hug *right now* and tell them how much you love them! We all fall, including parents, and at times we don't realize that our loving mothers and fathers have to deal with our own struggles as well with theirs. So, have patience and show them love by obeying them without grumbling like complaining! I think we would all be surprised how much a simple "Yes Mom, I'll go do that right now" or "Yes Dad, I'll help you with that" can mean to our parents!!! (By the way, love ya Mommy and Dad! <3)
So....what are your thoughts?

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  1. Now this is the truth that nobody talks about anymore. Just one more thing I would like to add....that God's blessing in this life is condition to respecting your parents. Blessed is the child who heeds these principles!

  2. Respecting parents is a huge thing. I know that a lot of children in this day and age do not respect their parents at all. Children should obey their parents because the Lord commands it. That's good enough for me!

  3. You are an angel my lovely Ashley! God bless you and your family!!! Liuba x

  4. Wise words Ashley! Thanks for the encouragement. :)


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