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Hey y'all! Wow, things are getting so busy, I hardly have time to post. Sorry 'bout that. The Lord has really been speaking to me these past few days, so instead of an outfit post, I thought I'd share a little bit more of little ramblings I've been thinking about. Sounds good?

These past few days, I really felt like the little person in the picture above. Stuck in the middle of a big question. Being a sophomore in high school, I'm at the point of my life where I need to seriously consider what I desire to do with my future. But more importantly what God desires with my future. For me, there are some things I know I want to do for sure. For example, I want to get married, have children, homeschool them....but I am also thinking about career to. And sometimes I get really stuck. I start to wonder, "What on the planet of this earth was I put here for? What does God want from me? What does he want me to do now? Not in the future, but now?"
You know that awkward time in your life when you are too old to be doing "little girl stuff" but too young to be involved with the "big girls"? Yeah, we've all been there. You can't play around all day, but it's silly to start planning your wedding, thinking about what you're going to when you're 20 and "on your own"...awkward, huh? Well last night, God led my heart to a wonderful little passage in 1 Corinthians. It's chapter 7 particularly verse 34. The chapter is on marriage, but don't worry, that's not what I will be focusing on. But instead I will be focusing on what God (through Paul) wrote for the young single girls. Here's the verse:
"An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit." 
This touched me so much, I grabbed my favorite Eiffel Tower notepad and wrote this verse down. Ladies, this is our purpose for now. Not in five years, or when we're "on our own"- this is now. So simple! Our aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. I know we fight our own personal struggles daily, hourly, minutely...secondly. But even through the questions, even through the confusion and doubts- the Lord wants us to be 101% devoted to HIM! I don't know what your dream is for the future...God knows though. And He will take care of you and lead you. How do I know that? He promised in His Word. The well and loved verse of Jeremiah 29:11 which says,
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."
Fellow sisters in Christ...listen to that. To give you a future and a hope. I have needed hope so many times. Times I felt so frustrated and so lost. Jesus gives us hope. He gives us a future. He gives us a purpose.
I hope this was of any encouragement to you....and I hope to be back very soon with an outfit post! But now I ask you, are you willing to surrender all you have- all your wishes, dreams and struggles to the Lord and completely devote yourself to the Lord in both body and spirit? I'll be praying for ya! <3

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  1. This is certainly a viable question. One I still struggle with, to be honest!
    But The Lord really laid on my heart not to dwell so much on "the future" but focus on serving Him daily, hourly and by the minute. It's hard to think "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life!" But then that's where faith comes in. Trusting that God will lead and guide.
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  2. Amen is right! Thanks so much for this reminder Ashley. Serving the Lord is always our aim, but we are so much freer as young, unmarried women.
    Oh, and I'm almost 20 and I feel like the questions have just begun, so the trust in His plan just has to continue and grow!

    1. Wow, thank you so much all for your sweet comments! I'm always so encouraged to read your thoughts...<3

  3. Wow, Ashley, this really hit me. The verses you shared are so inspiring. I have been in the "awkward" stage in life. That was the time for me when I began seeking the Lord the most. Thank you for this message!

  4. And all the sisters said "Amen"!
    One thing I am learning at seventeen is the truth of verses like Proverbs 16:9 and Psalms 37:23-24. Go ahead and plan your ways, Ashley. Remember though, that the Lord is the one in control. So don't freak out if plan A or B, or even Z doesn't work out the way you want it to. Keep trusting in the Lord with all your heart (Proverbs 3:5-6), and don't trust aptitude tests, ACT scores, interests, or even what other people say you should do, although they can all be God's way of leading you. Always, Always, ALWAYS go back to the Word of the Lord for your direction.
    Andra K. (
    P.S. This is an excellent time in your life to do a study on God's Will. ;)


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