Life In This Moment

11:06 AM

Right now I am...
Seeing... a rainy grey sky outside my window. faint Pride and Prejudice 1995 soundtrack music in the background.
Smelling... my peach lotion on my hands.
Tasting... green mango tea.
Needing... to clean up my desk.
Wanting... Christmas to arrive faster.

Feeling... the coziness of my fleece polka-dot bathrobe.
Wishing... I cuddle in my bed and watch the rain fall.
Thinking... about this morning's devotion.
Laughing... at a funny text I received.
Recovering... from the long and tiring day I had yesterday.
Dreaming... about the future.
Praying... for  a humble heart.
Reading... God's Word.
Singing... You Raise Me Up.
Wearing... comfy pajamas and a bathrobe.
Preparing... to record my second album with my sister.
Remembering... the wonderful memories my sister and I were blessed to experience together.
Trying... to stay caught up with all my school work.
Fearing... what our world is becoming.
Loving... the book of James.
Choosing... peace.
Working... on Geometry.
Emailing... my wonderful readers.
Texting... a cousin who just got engaged (!)
Cracking... my neck because I'm stiff.
Considering... ordering a new book from the library.
Biting... my nails.
Reducing... the time I spend checking wonderful blogs.
Longing... for winter to come.
Suffering... with random sneezes.
Realizing... how many dents and scratches my desk really has.
Checking... my email for the hundredth time.
Organizing... my closet (a vlog might be around the corner!).
Practicing... correct posture.
Reckoning... I shouldn't have eaten that icecream yesterday.
Smiling... because I am so blessed.

What are you doing right in this moment?

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  1. Great list! You Raise Me Up is such a beautiful song!

  2. I love these kinds of post! Thanks for sharing! I know all about random sneezes... :)
    Tell your cousins congrats! That's very exciting news!

  3. Fun post! :D It's raining here too.
    BTW, I just listened to your "No More Night" cover on YouTube. Awesome singing/playing!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Paige! We strive to sing only Christian/inspirational music to serve Christ! Thank you as well, Grace and Bethany for your sweet comments! :)

  4. Cute post my lovely Ashley, I love you!!!

    I like "You Raise Me Up" song too :)

    Much loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee sweetie xxx

  5. I love singing and 'You Raise Me Up' is one of my favorites!


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