Summer Sunday | Floral Skirt

2:01 PM

Hey y'all! I am having such a wonderful Sunday today...beautiful weather, wonderful family time...feel so blessed! This is the outfit that I wore to church today and when my family went out for my dad's birthday!

I truly love the colors of this outfit and actually received a few complements on them! I have this skirt as a gift that I got a little while ago, and from the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to wear it with this belt. Since I did wear this to church, I wanted to back down on the jewelry and accessories, and decided to go a bit more simple.

I bought these shoes from Coldwater Creek last week for only $2! They were about 90% off, because the entire store is closing completely. I was so happy when I found them in my size because I know my size usually goes first. I absolutely adore these shoes because they are so comfortable and classy! This is what I call a great find, y'all!


How's your weekend coming along? Found any great buys lately?


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  1. $2 sounds like a great buy on the shoes! Lovely shirt and hair-flower!
    My local thrift store always has extremely shockingly good buys; when I was there on Friday I got a lovely purple dress, 2 button-down blouses, 2 pairs of socks, 20+ greeting cards, and a lovely 3 piece china soap set for a total of $4.75; very hard to believe!

  2. Lovely outfit - the skirt and belt go so well. And Yes! the $2 shoes were a great find!!!!! Visiting from - A Victorious Woman of Faith:

    Stay blessed and remain in The Lord!


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