Forest Dress | Complete Photo-shoot

1:06 PM

Hey y'all! My sister took a complete photo-shoot of my outfit today in our lovely forests, so I thought it would be fun if I shared the whole thing! Enjoy...

Again, I layered this dress with a simple white tee. Many of these fun summer dresses can have pretty revealing tops, so having some solid color shirts can really come in handy!
When I wear dresses that already have such bold designs and colors, I try to back off from accessorizing too much. In that way I can prevent the outfit from looking too "cluttered" or crazy. For example, I wore a simple diamond necklace with this dress so I left the bracelets, fancy rings, hear accessories...behind. There are some gals out there who love being bold with their jewelry, but at times less is more. 

//outfit details//
Dress: Macy's
White Tee: JCPenny
Shoes: ??? (old...)
Necklace: Gift

I want to thank my sister Cayla for taking and editing all these pictures for me! (In case y'all didn't know, she takes pretty much all the photos that you see posted on my blog. So big thanks to her!) Click this link if you want to see the complete photo-shoot!

Also, before I go...remember those cupcakes I told you about yesterday? How would you like to see the final product?

Well, that's it for today! I hope you all will enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer day....

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  1. Lovely dress dear and super combination with the white tee :)
    I would love to eat all your cupcakes :P They look amazing!!! I am glad you have such a clever and kind sister! Bless you both dolls xxx

  2. Wow, beautiful outfit and background! So glad you're back at blogging.
    Your sister did a great job too ;)

  3. Really appreciate the mysterious element the forest adds to the photo shoot! Looks like the cupcakes turned out very well...they look scrumptious!

  4. I love your woods! We have some in our neighborhood but because people have cut them down to build house we don't have as pretty a setting as you!


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