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Hey y'all! Woooooooooow, it's been a long time! I cannot begin to apologize for my absence (and no, I did not quit my blog), I have been so busy I can hardly catch my breath. Anywho, the Lord has put it on my heart to come back and do (the long requested) "My Thoughts" post on makeup. So, let's begin, shall we?

For starters, I will just say that at the present time I do not wear makeup. This is not because I believe it is a sin, or that Christian woman and girls should not wear it, it's simply because I haven't felt the need to begin wearing makeup. I believe that when used correctly, makeup is a great thing! It enhances the natural beauty God created every young girl/woman with. But, there are some who take it to the extreme. I believe that everything should be done in moderation. Personally, the picture of the little girl above is just plain wrong. Putting her young age aside, the amount of product on her face is unnatural, and almost looks like she has put on a mask. God made each and every one of us so unique, beautiful, HIS own image, why transform our faces? In my mind, when I see a young woman complaining about her ugly eyes, huge nose, pointy ears....she is pretty much telling God, "I don't like the way you created me." or "You made me ugly." When we compare ourselves to the models and celebrities around us, we begin to forget that God created us (again) in His own image and with a purposeful design. Sure we don't always look like those transformed super models out there, but we're beautiful in our own unique ways!  
Now, we must also go back and look at what message we spread when we wear a whole lot of makeup. I've touched on this before when I was speaking about modesty and heels, but I find it that when we drench ourselves with artificial products and chemicals (am I being to direct.....?) we can easily spread the wrong message. Wouldn't it be ironic to you if you saw a young girl with a modest outfit but she was wearing tons of makeup? That would look a tad funny to me. From the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet, our bodies should scream "Holy" and "Set apart for Christ", wouldn't you say?
So, what do you think? Do you believe that there are some who take makeup to the extreme? Do you wear makeup?
Thank you so much everybody for your patience, and once again, so sorry for my long break! I feel terrible about it! I am excited to get back, and I hope to hear tons about how your summers are going!! :)

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  1. Great post! I only wear mascara and concealer, but I go a lot of the time without it at home. I love wearing it, but I keep everything in moderation. Until this year, I wore mascara every single day...and I couldn't live without it. Then one day I realized that I was doing too much, so I decided to cut back a little. As you can see in some pictures from this blog post... and this one.... I have even gotten used to getting pictures taken without the makeup! Moral of this super long comment: You don't need outward beauty to shine. I thank the Lord for showing me that this January. My face and confidence is much happier natural. :)

    ~CBL (Alyssa)

    1. Alyssa, I love how you put that. "You don't need outward beauty to shine" That is so true! I personally fell into the trap of thinking that I had to be as skinny and pretty as all the models out there, but thanks to the grace and mercy of Jesus, I realized what an empty and unfulfilling goal that is. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Hope to see you back soon! :)

  2. My dad told me until I needed make-up I couldn't wear it. According to him I don't need it yet! :)

  3. I wear makeup sometimes, but to me it's often a pain in the neck. I really detest foundation, so I only wear eyeshadow, mascara, and possibly eyeliner if I feel like it. I don't think makeup is wrong, but, yes, there are some who take it too far, and that girl is a good example. She doesn't even look human to me--she looks like a Barbie.

    dance a real

  4. I love your post! I do wear makeup but only when we have something going on (we're going out, having people over ect.) but I know I can fall into the trap of wearing too much sometimes. With the Lord's grace I'm learning to know that I don't need makeup to be beautiful!

  5. Well said Ahsley!! Yeah, I don;t wear make-up yet, my mom and dad think I need to be a bit older. My mom wears make-up though, and we do not think it is sinful at all!! Not even close! :)
    Very good post!
    ~Naomi Rae

  6. I've never worn make-up, but I'm certainly not against it. Good post!

  7. You have some great thoughts here Ashley! :) I like what you said about what it would look like to wear a modest outfit with a lot of makeup. Thanks for sharing!
    I wear makeup, and the amount depends on the occasion, how much time I have or my mood. Haha! In any case, I try to be careful with the amount I wear and not wear anything that resembles like the sort of woman I would rather not be. Also, I started wearing makeup semi-regularly when I was about 16. Before that, it was mainly for special occasions, and not until about age 12.


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