Casual Stripes

7:57 AM

Hey y'all! Even though it's July, it feels like it's October here in Oregon. We are having 50-60 degree weather, rain and chilly I sadly had to grab my maxi and long sleeve top.
This is a pretty simple outfit, but casual and comfy at the same time. I personally love the contrast between the red and white stripes and the black maxi. I never thought stripes looked the best on me, but this top was actually really fun to wear!
Maxi: Forever21
Top: Gift
Shoes: Garage Sale
Necklace: Icing

What are your favorite patterns to wear?

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  1. Lovely outfit and beautiful photos! Good to see you posting again! :) I usually prefer solid colors, plaids, florals, or horizontal stripes (a bit of everything).

  2. hello my lovely doll, you are like an angel!!! I love your smile and your this beautiful top.
    Over here it's too hop, everyone is complain, but I love this hot weather :)))

    Much love my little sweetie xxx

  3. This outfit is so cute! :D I really like your stripes, and they are my favorite pattern!


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