Pink & Black

11:25 AM

Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday! I'm popping by really fast to share a casual outfit with y'all!

You guys have probably noticed, but pink is my favorite color to wear. (Well, it is my favorite color in general too) I tend to be really girly, so I have to be careful not to overdress too much. Especially when you wear skirts, that already tends to make your outfit a little more dressy, so I thought I would make this a little more casual by (first) swapping a black belt for this polka dot one, and also skipping all the jewelry.
Cardigan: Target
Blouse: ???
Skirt: Macy's
Belt: ???
Shoes: Gift

What are some ways you like to make outfits a little more casual?

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  1. Pink looks great on you...also like the background!

  2. This is so cute! :D I like how you made it more casual.

  3. This is such a cute outfit! I love pink too, though I just noticed I'm not wearing pink today. I love your blousy shirt, I think that helps make the outfit look a bit more casual. Blousy...I think I just made up a word. :)

  4. I loved that sweater so much, I used to own it!

  5. You look cute in pink... sometimes, to make an outfit less casual, I will leave my hair down or just put it in a ponytail. Most of the time it doesn't really make a difference, but sometimes it does... :)

  6. I also thinking that pink suits you very good :) Love white&black photograph :)

    Much love,

  7. Ohhhh, that blouse is *adorable* Ashley! The pink sweater brings out color. :)
    Well, to make things more casual, I usually wear a lot of color. Like, if it's Mock Trial (super-formal wear) then I wear tone-downed colors. Also, for formal, I would wear leggings, or nylon tights, instead of skinny jeans...Plus, I often wear sneakers/boots/sandals, so for formal occasions, I'd switch those out for flats...
    *Anyway* Great post! I love love LOVE the black and white photograph. Super cute. :D
    Have an awesome time in Cancun with your family, Ashley! We totally gotta hang out when you get back. :D

    Sarra JM Hawash


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