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10:26 AM

Hey y'all! It's 92 degrees today! (For May in our state of  Oregon, that is rare, y'all.) Anywho, I thought I'd share what I am wearing on this blazing hot day.

I know that it can be pretty hard to be modest on summer days, right? The temptation to grab some "shorty shorts" or a mini skirt is pretty big. So, if you need some tips to get your juices flowing, here's what I like to do.
First, I always go with looser clothing. An airy skirt, a loose flowy top. This way, the clothing isn't sticking on my skin- which is good for both modesty and keeping a little cooler. Wearing a flowy skirt is also very comfortable and practical. Next, I try to go for bright or light colors. Dark purple, dark blue or black will make you 10 times hotter (plus, it's not even in the summer spirit ;)). So try to got for a pink, orange, yellow, white or lighter blue!
The skirt I am wearing today is white, completely below the knee, comfortable, loose and airy and I like to think that it's pretty cute! I matched it up with a blue, white and magenta top and added some fun jewelry pieces.
//outfit details//
Top: Macy's
Skirt: JCPenny
Bracelet: Gift
Pearl Necklace: Local Shop
Head Band: Claire's
Shoes: Gift
What are some of your summer modesty tips?

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  1. Soo cute! My goodness, we have been stuck with some cooler weather here in Wisconsin. Now I know where all the hot weather is going to! I can't say I really want those temperatures though!
    Hehe, it looks like the deer statue behind you is photo-bombing your pictures! :D

  2. Not to be negative, but how to fashion bloggers wear such outfit that are nice every day? I wear a t-shirt and a denim skirt more than I wear "church" clothes. Even so, I love the contrast with the skirt and flowers.

    To you question at the end of the post, I, unlike a lot of people, do not wear shorts/short skirt. I do wear capris that go well below the knee. With skirts, I can't stand a skirt that shows my knees when I'm sitting down. Thanks for the post!!!
    Kathryn B.

    1. Hey Kathryn! I wear denim skirts too! Most of the time, if I am staying home all day and no one is coming over (in case you didn't know, I am homeschooled), I wear a casual comfy skirt with a T-shirt. Denim skirts are often in my category. Now, if I am going somewhere or have someone coming over, I will swap the "house skirt" for a more dressy one and swap the T-shirt for a blouse. Dressing up is something I like to do- and I always like to look my best! ;)
      PS- I also don't own any "short shorts" or mini skirts. I don't even buy any, knowing that I won't have any reason to wear them!

    2. Sorry if I was implying that you did wear short stuff. I didn't mean to make it sound like that. I'm too upfront for my own good. I just want you to know I really enjoy your blog and I didn't want to sound negative!


    3. Oh my goodness, no! Kathryn, I appreciate and thoroughly enjoy reading your comments! It's great that you are honest...and don't worry...you weren't negative at all! Thank you so much for you kind words! They mean a lot! :)

  3. This is a beautiful outfit Ashley! Your skirt is darling. I like your tips for summer wear!
    I like to wear things that I don't have to layer in the warm weather, including skirts and dresses that don't need slips, whenever possible.

  4. The skirt is lovely, and the shirt's coloring is beautiful!

  5. look at you, you are so cute as always!!! Love your white skirt!
    Much love and keep wondering people!

  6. This is Shay> We had 82 degree weather yesterday:) I love the sun. Where did you get that shirt? I love it <3.

    1. Hey Shay! I got the shirt from Macy's...and to answer your question below, I am a Christian! :) Thank you!

  7. ^ What religion are you? Look at our website. WWW.jw.org. There are fun activities, movies, and look up the white board animations:) You will love it. Show Cayla too!!!!

  8. Lovely look! I am becoming more fond of the hippie-skirts.

  9. How many times a week/month are you doing the my thoughts stuff?

    1. I'm hoping to do about 1 or 2 a month...but I am working on a new one right now, actually! It should be out soon! :)

  10. Beautiful outfit!
    Let me see... In addition to what you said already-I personally will don some Bermuda shorts during the summer, a great compromise between daisy dukes and mini skirts ;)
    Also light weight shirts and shirts that can be worn without layering are musts in hog months!
    A modest fashion blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com


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