My Outdoors Outfit

7:36 PM

Hey y'all! I'm just popping by today to share one of my "outdoors" outfit. This is one of those outfits that I'm totally ok with gardening, playing with my goats, having campfires and so on!
I enjoy wearing skirts as much as I can, including outside! So I set apart a couple T-shirts and some older skirts that I am ok with getting dirty. For some reason, in all these pictures the skirt looks about the knee, but if you were to see my in "real life" it would be directly below!

 Skirt: Pumpkin Patch {Old}
Top: Old Navy
Flip Flops (not seen in pictures): Old Navy
What do y'all like to wear outdoors?

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  1. I love how you always have so much pink on! :) Oh, isn't it frustrating when the outfit looks different in the pictures than in real life? Happens all the time to me! Either way, you look adorable! :D When I work outside (although I'm a terrible gardener) I usually wear my older, grubby skirts and t-shirts that although cute, I don't mind getting dirty.

  2. I used to be an outdoorsy person but now I like to stay inside and not sweat. I do love being around the horses so sweating is required but other than that, I like to wear my comfy maxi skirts inside!


  3. Cute outfit, Ashley! :) Your skirt goes really well with the flowers in the background.
    What outfit I wear outside really depends on what I'm doing. I'll wear jeans and a top that's not too pretty if I'm hiking or doing something that might get me dirtier than usual.


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