Floral Dress

5:00 PM

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! I had a fun songwriting class today, and I thought I would share what I wore.

I was actually having a pretty hard time putting together an outfit today. I probably tried on four different things before I settled with this. I've had this dress for a while now, but it has gotten too short to wear without leggings. I didn't want to give it away (it's just too cute!) so I tried to see how it would look with leggings....Looked pretty good to me! (This dress also has awesome pockets that you can't see in any of the pictures.)

Dress: Macy's
Blazer: Macy's
Leggings: Macy's
Shoes: Thrift Store
Have an awesome day, everyone! What do you do when your favorite clothes get too short or small?

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  1. Are you wearing contacts now?


    1. Hey Anna! No, I'm not wearing contacts. I just forgot to put my glasses on. I'm scared of contacts....the thought of touching my eyes like that is a little creepy for me! :)

    2. Whole-heartedly agree!


  2. That dress is too cute on you! I'm short, so dresses are always too long on me! :P


  3. Ashley, Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love this cute little dress! The tights are such a great length for this look! XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. That is a cute dress. :) I stopped getting taller long ago, so that isn't really something I deal with any more. However, I do have a dress that is a little short for my taste, so the other day I layered a longer skirt underneath and it turned out well- in fact, the outfit will be posted this week. :)
    By the way, your hair looks really pretty in these pictures!

  5. I hate it when something gets too short. Most of the time I wear leggings or jeans with it, but sometimes it just won't work and I have to give it away. :( Noooooo!

  6. wowww I love your this floral dress and you are so sweet in all these photographs! Blessing you my lovely doll! xxx


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