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Hey y'all,  Happy Monday! I hope your Lord's Day went great, and your ready and energized to start a new week! I'm here to share what I wore all day yesterday.

I put together this outfit at about six o'clock in the morning. Still half asleep, I through together a maxi, a top and a cardigan. When I turned on the light to finally see the entire outfit, didn't look too bad so I went with it. See how much passion I put into my outfits? ;)
When I bought this maxi from the thrift store, it was a little bit too big at the waist. I didn't want to wait to grow "into it" so I just sewed it to make it smaller. Did the trick, and I don't really think you can tell!
 //outfit details//
Maxi Skirt: Thrift Store
Top: JCPenny
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Gift
How was your weekend, everyone?

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  1. Wow, my half-asleep outfits never turn out that well! Lol! I love that maxi skirt! It looks oh so comfy and of course, POLKA DOTS!! :) Anyways, you look adorable!

  2. I did the maxi skirt trick in the waist with one of my skirts and it works great. If only my sister hadn't lost the shoes that go with it! :)

    I love this outfit together. Purple looks so good on you, and I love the cardigan. Your hair is so pretty when it's down.

  3. You my doll, I love your maxi skirt. I love the combination you made!
    Have a great time and be blessed by God!
    Much loveeeeeeee
    Liuba G

  4. That is sooo cute!!<shay My weekend was amazing!!!

  5. Very cute outfit, Ashley! I had a very fun weekend; went to see Mom's Night Out with the ladies in my funny! ;)


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