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9:06 PM

Hey y'all! I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday and are looking forward to an awesome weekend! I'm just here to share a fun outfit I wore to Friday Fellowship last night.
  • Laughing so hard in the middle of the sentence, you can't even get to the actual funny part.
  • When your sister bumps into a door but you are still the one who says "Ouch!"
  • Trying to read your Bible but your family interrupts you on the same two verses four times.
  • Choking on air while you are talking to a friend. (That's ridiculous. I know.)
  • Suddenly getting a terrible fear of flying out of absolutely nowhere.
  • Scanning the shoe section at your local thrift store when another shopper suddenly asks you, "These shoes are hideous right? I shouldn't get them!" Your still confused but manage to say that they look fine. Well that was a great first impression.
  • Jogging about five miles then trying to answer your dad's questions. All you can say is  "Whaaat?" while you are gasping for air.
  • Taking a nice walk then seeing a snake. I probably jumped 3 feet into the air.
  • Having to wait in line so long you begin wondering whether that item is worth buying anyway.
  • When you arrive way overdressed at an event. Ugh.
  • Waiting for the bill to come when you are eating at a restaurant. You were in a silly mood so you put salt, pepper, coffee creamers and sugar in your water (You're about to leave anyway). Right before you go, you dad mistakes your water cup for his, and he drinks your disgusting "mixture". His face afterwards is absolutely priceless but you feel terrible. "Sorry?" you squeak?


  • 70 and 80 degree weather. YES!!!
  • Just sitting in a nice field and listening to the birds, wind and the owl in the distance. Life couldn't get more peaceful.
  • ThredUP new arrivals! Soooo cute!
  • Finally receiving an email you have been waiting for all day!
  • Cold watermelon on a hot day.
  • Being nominated for the Liebster Award! Thank you Sarah and Paige!
  • Eating vanilla ice-cream with a warm slice of blueberry pie!

Skirt: Loft
Top: Macy's
Hairband: Icing
Flip-flops (not seen in pictures): Marshalls
Have a lovely day y'all!

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  1. Love your blouse! That is a wonderful shade of blue!

  2. It was fun reading your awk and awes, as usual. :) You are quite welcome for the award nomination.
    I like the cheerful colors of your outfit! That top is really cute! It's also fun to see the background of your photos, as not many other fashion bloggers seem to be too close to my area of the country. ;)

  3. Love your blog!! :) your taste in fashion is very professional! :) oh, and i have done the ouch thing at times to! ;)


  4. Great spring outfit! I love your skirt. It' some of those styles that can so easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on where you're going to wear it. :)


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