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2:46 PM

Hey y'all! I'm having a beautiful Sunday, and I hope you all are as well! I heard such a powerful sermon today, so I thought I would share some notes with you!

Matthew 16:13-23 was our Scripture passage for today, and it spoke about the day when Jesus asked his disciples who they think He is. This passage actually has a lot of "firsts". It's the first time we see the word "church", the first time Jesus' disciples call Him "Messiah" and also the first time He speaks to his disciples about his death and resurrection. So this is actually a pretty special Bible passage. Jesus also asks His disciples a very important question, "Who do you say I am?". The pastor made a not saying that: "This one question can say a whole lot about your present and your future life." Deciding who and what Jesus is in our lives is important and may effect the decisions we make.
  •  Because Jesus is Real...
We are responding to Jesus as a spiritual family because Jesus is real.
  • We are apocalyptic
Our word "apocalyptic" comes from the Greek word for "Revealed".
  • Be in (a) community.
God want to work through you for others and through others for you. Jesus wants us, people, to help build up the church we has begun for us.
  • We are invincible
  • We proclaim death and new life in Christ.
Doesn't matter where we are, we should be proclaiming death and new life in Christ all day every day.
  • One invite can change a life.
Believe that God has but others in your life so that you can share the gift of new life he has given you to others. Be that first one to invite neighbor, friend, stranger or even an enemy to join you when you go to church. One invite can change one life.
I hope you all enjoyed some notes I shared from today's sermon. Now, to my outfit. I got the top I'm wearing for really cheap because it was missing the laces (?) that kept the shirt together on the top. I still didn't find any to replace them, so I wore a nice black shirt underneath.
Top: Garage Sale
Shirt underneath: Macy's
Skirt: Macy's
Shoes: Garage Sale
Have a lovely rest of your Sunday, everyone!

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  1. This is a pretty outfit Ashley! :) I like your photos too.
    Thanks for sharing the sermon notes!

  2. A very sweet look for you! I really like the print of your top. :)

  3. I really love this outfit! So simple and feminine!

  4. lovely outfit for Sunday and thanks for notes :)
    Have a blessed week :)
    Much loveeee
    Liuba xxx


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