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4:36 PM

Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday! I have a "jeans & tunic" outfit to share with you all today! I first got this idea from Fresh Modesty, then twisted it around to fit my own style. Also, I took these pictures in my daisy infested backyard. Every spring, my backyard gets full of beautiful yellow daisies! We love taking fun photo-shoots back there. =)

The Lord has blessed us with such beautiful weather these last couple of days. All of us have enjoyed it. Yesterday was full of fun times with our goats, chickies and neighbors; we made campfire barbeques, dandelion crowns and so much more! It feels like summer is definitely just around the corner!

Grey Shirt: Macy's
Tunic: Macy's
Jeans: JCPenny
Shoes: Gift
 Have a lovely day, everyone!

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  1. Those photos are beautiful Ashley! Although our weather has been nice, nothing has bloomed quite yet! I'm excited for when it does, though!
    I love tunics and you look very nice in yours! :)

  2. This is a beautiful spring outfit, Ashley! :) Glad you have been able to enjoy the weather.

  3. Lovely tunic! The photo by the tree and creek is beautiful!

  4. Oooo . . . lovely tunic! And your backyard looks so welcome. We are just beginning to see the first signs of green grass here in Colorado. Oh summer, come quickly!!!!!
    God Bless,

  5. That tunic is lovely! And I really like your shoes :)

  6. Happy Spring!! I *love love love love love love love LOVE* your outfit! Pretty photos!


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