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2:31 PM

Hey y'all! I hope you are all having a splendid Wednesday! This has been a great day for me! Well, I am excited to share today's outfit with you (along with some awkward and awesome experiences).

  • When you have to go to the bathroom really badly during church but everyone is praying. As you leave the room, everything is quiet except for your heels. *Clink clink clink* Lots of heads turn.
  • When you're with friends and they start arguing in front of you. They were talking to you before, so you don't know if you should stay or leave.
  • When you accidentally snap chat the wrong person three times in a row. Ugh.
  • You're trying to talk to someone at church, but a cute little toddler keeps pulling your arm and saying, "Come on! Let's go! LET'S GO!" The toddler yanks your arm so hard, you almost fall over.
  • You're back stage for a concert and you're changing into your performance dress. You forget your dress has a side zipper, so it stays open. Only after about 10-15 minutes of walking around you realize the zipper is fully opened! You are SO embarrassed when you realize you just yank it up! Luckily, you were wearing a pretty long cardigan that probably covered it most of the time. Still, so embarrassing!
  • It's communion time at your church and the pastor gives everyone a time of silence to meditate. Since most of the people bowed there heads, a cute little girl thought everyone was praying; she immediately starts praying "Dear Lord Jesus". You and your sister cannot stop laughing.
  • When you are accompanying someone on the piano on the spot without any chords. You start in the wrong key. Enough said.

  • Having an awesome dance jam session with your sister for about an hour. By the time you're done your sweaty and tired but you both had such a good time!
  • Sunshine! Finally got to experience some nice 60-70 degree weather this week! Thank you, Lord!
  • Photo-shoots with your sister. Silly poses are the best!
  • Having a calm and peaceful devotional time with just you and God. Such peace!
  • Reading old journals. Good times, good times!
  • Looking forward to a vacation in Cancun! Too bad it's a month and a half away, right?
  • Getting an awesome outfit idea from one of your favorite blogs! That awesome moment!
  • Whole wheat bread, coconut oil and a warm green tea for breakfast! Yummy!
  • Being on a 1 month sugar-free diet! I feel so energized, refreshed and healthy

Purple Shirt: Macy's
Dress: Macy's
Leggings: Macy's
Shoes: ???
Ring: Icing
Necklace: Claire's
Hope y'all enjoyed this post! What was awkward or awesome in your life this past week? Share? =D

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  1. Ooh, I like the colors in your outfit! :D Your sparkly shoes are cute too. I'm wearing purple in my post today too...and something that ties in the front. Great minds think alike!
    I think the worst awkward is the unzipped dress. Eeek! Your awesomes sound great. I love looking at old journals too (though somewhat embarrassing). Oh, and also doing silly poses during photoshoots. ;)

  2. Awkward- When you are singing( and I can't hold a tune) and someone hears you.

  3. Ohhhh! That is so adorable! I love the dress!


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