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7:03 PM

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope y'all are having a excellent week! Today I am wearing a fun patterned skirt from Shabby Knapsack. They have awesome wraparound skirts and sweaters...Though this style is a little out of my box, I enjoy wearing these skirts and seeing what I can come up with! So, enjoy!

  • When someone asks you if your purse is your mothers (not knowing it's yours). You nod your head no but wonder for the rest of the day if it looks to "grown up". Oh well.
  • Going to get a haircut and notice your stylist examine your outfit from head to toe. (Yup, I got a haircut! Can't really see it in these pics though!)
  • Playing with a little boy and he sees a ring on your finger. He looks at it, looks at you, looks back at your ring and asks with a confused face, "Are you married?!" You laugh....
  • When you enter your room and see a family member frantically looking for your journal. You gasp!
  • Totally misspelling something in a text.
  • Responding to a snap-chat of your friend's cute necklace that she just bought saying, "CUTE!" But, you accidentally send it to her brother. *face palm* You send 5 other snaps to confirm that you totally and accidentally sent it to him. Ugh!!!!
  • Receiving five compliments on your outfit in one day!
  • Passing Syllabus (a annual piano exam) on Saturday! YES!
  • Going thrift shopping and finding five amazing buys!
  • *This awesome necklace I am wearing in these pictures* A friend got it for me from Ecuador!  How sweet!
  •  No rain for a week! (Sounds weird but I'm excited)
There aren't a whole lot of awkward and awesomes this week....sorry! Things were pretty "calm" these past few days!
Green Shirt: Macy's
Vest: Land's End
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrift Store
Necklace: Gift
Have a wonderful rest of your week, y'all! =D

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  1. That's a very colorful outfit! I like how the vest matches the leaves in the background in the final photo. Insulated vests are one of my favorite warm and not bulky at all! Yours is very pretty.

  2. This is very cute! What an awesome skirt! Most people like neutrals because they can wear an item with multiple things. A skirt like this has so many cute colors, the options are endless!

  3. What a unique skirt. You did a good job styling it! I like your necklace.
    It was fun to read your awk and awes. A little boy recently asked me if I was married too, but I think he got me mixed up with my mom. ;) Congrats on passing the Syllabus!

  4. Super unique!! You look good in the skirt and vest!

  5. I really like that skirt, though I'm prone to wearing more muted colors. I totally agree with Sara too, that skirt has so many colors that you'll probably never have any trouble finding something to wear it with!


  6. What a beautiful necklace! I love jewelry in unique and handcrafted styles. And your skirt is fun--sometimes it's good to wear something a little outside your comfort zone; you never know when you'll discover a new style/look that you end up loving!


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