1 Button Down | 3 Ways | Day 3

10:50 AM

Hey everyone! Woohoo! It's the last day of the 1 Button down | 3 Ways | 3 Day event! I'm so happy I could be part of this event; it definitely a ton of fun! Excited to share my last outfit with y'all!

I'm actually attending an archery class today, so I thought wearing jeans rather than a skirt would be a little more appropriate. ;) I chose this button down shirt because I loved how colorful it is. For all three days, I wore a different colored shirt underneath. First day was a lime green shirt, second day a purple shirt and today a fun pink! When it's already so gloomy and rainy outside, I love wearing colorful clothes to bring up my own spirit!
Plaid top: Justice
Pink shirt: Macy's
Jeans: JCPenny
Have a lovely day. everyone! Did you enjoy the 1 Button down | 3 Ways | 3 Day event?

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  1. Archery class? I ride horses and you shoot bows? :)

    Kathryn B.

  2. This is a great cute but casual outfit! :) I've definitely enjoyed this challenge.
    Have fun at your archery class! :D I have done a little archery myself (just with long bows!), and would love to do more.

  3. Archery class sounds like a lot of fun! I loved doing this challenge! I'm not sure what I enjoyed more, being creative trying to come up with outfits or seeing everybody else's. I really like how your pink shirt makes the pink squares in the plaid stand out. (Plus it's my favorite color....pink, not plaid! Haha)


  4. I really applaud you for doing this challenge! :) I wanted to, but never did.

  5. Archery, how fun! Great outfit. :D


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