Life in This Moment

9:47 AM

Right now I am:

Seeing... a cloudy grey sky outside my window. sister upstairs and the computer fan.
Smelling... the essential oils on my hands.
Tasting... my yummy bread, butter and jam breakfast.
Needing... to catch up on blogging and practice some piano.
Wanting... to watch a movie on my cozy couch.
Feeling... the cozy warmness from my fuzzy slippers.
Wishing... I could do nothing all day and just think.
Thinking... about the beautiful spring weather that is heading our way.
Laughing... at some old family jokes.
Recovering... from the long and tiring day I had yesterday.
Dreaming... about these upcoming months.
Praying... for my family and church.
Reading... Anne Frank's diary.
Singing... Be Still My Soul/In You I Trust.
Wearing... comfy jeans, bright pink shirt with a comfy sweater, and my slippers.
Preparing... for the hectic months that are before me.
Remembering... the wonderful moments I created with my family.
Trying... to replace chemicals and junk food for more healthy options.
Fearing... what our world is becoming.
Loving... my wonderful family and moments like this.
Choosing... peace.
Working... on a long school project.
Emailing... my neighbor.
Texting... a friend about our weekend.
Cracking... my back because I'm all sore and stiff.
Considering... signing up for my school's newspaper staff.
Biting... my nails because I don't realize I'm doing it at times.
Reducing... the time I spend checking wonderful blogs.
Longing... to run away on a long tropical vacation.
Suffering... with uncontrollable yawns. :P
Recognizing... that someone fixed the crack in my wall.
Checking... all my favorite blogs.
Organizing... all my mail.
Practicing... correct posture.
Reckoning... I shouldn't have eaten that pastry. Way. Too. Sweet.
Smiling... because I am so blessed.

Have a lovely day everyone! What is going on in your life right now?

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  1. That is a VERY nice blog post Ashley! I loved reading it! :)

  2. Oh yeah I forgot to ask you how in the heck did you come up with doing thing? It's a very good idea!! Nice post again! :)
    I was wondering if maybe I could use it to just different wording or something like this that you did? :P :D I mean if that is okay with you??? :] By the way, I asked Mr. Birkel on help on my blog so I think I will be able to finally get to write and post pictures again now on my blog! I should have some more blog post and pictures of the new jewelry i have been making up and ready to post this weekend sometime! :) :)

  3. Hi Jewls! I am so glad you enjoyed the post! When you are asking how I came up with the idea, I am assuming you mean the post, right? Well...I actually saw it on one of my favorite blogs ever {}. She posted it a while ago, and I loved the idea so much I decided to do it myself. And of course you can use it! Don't even bother to change the wording if you don't want to! Lots of people are using this post idea on their own blogs, so feel free to do it as well! Thanks for stopping by!

    Ashley B.

  4. You are very welcome and of course i did I love reading your blog it's so wonderful. Also of okay cool thank you so much! I'll see what i can come up with I am sure it won't be has good has yours was but I'm going to try. :P :) Thanks again!


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