Lace and Salmon Pink

3:19 PM

Hello everyone! I have been so busy these past few days, it's not even funny. So many errands, school assignments, practices...But finally, I was able to put some time aside to write a blog post. Sorry it's been awhile, y'all! Here's a fun dress I wore to church this Sunday.

I just love the colors on this dress. The bright salmon pink with the lace just mix so nicely, don't you think? Since it was chilly, I pulled on my favorite blazer and boots to finish up the outfit.
Dress: Ross
Blazer: Macy's
Boots: JCPenny's
Hope you enjoyed this outfit. Have a lovely week, everyone! =)

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  1. You look really nice! Such pretty colors! I hope things slow down for you. Although its nice to have things to do, sometimes it can be overwhelming!

  2. Aw..thank you, Laura! I hope things slow down too, but it looks like they will. Glad you enjoyed the outfit! :)

  3. Hi Ashley! I really love the colors of this dress, but I was just wondering why you call it modest? The dress is above your knees, and I don't think that should be considered "modest". Just saying.


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