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7:04 PM

Hey y'all! I hope everyone has had an awesome week. I definitely have been busy, falling behind on some posting as you guys have probably noticed. ;) Well here is a fun outfit I wore to Friday Fellowship. I am so excited to tell all of you that spring has finally reached Oregon! This is my first spring outfit of the year!
  • Singing a song softly to yourself when a family member comes up to you and asks, "Are you talking to yourself? That is so weird."
  • Tripping on your heeled shoes, dropping your purse in the middle of the mall and noticing you have this one chunk of random hair sticking out of your braid all in one day. What a mess.
  • Having your mom's birthday  balloons still floating around the house even though her birthday was in December.
  • Writing the year as "2013" instead of "2014" on nearly 4 of your school projects.
  • When you are standing in line and the people in front of you are talking personal stuff in a different language; but no luck for them, because you speak that same language so you can understand everything they're saying. Ha!
  • When your family laughs at you because you slipped and fell on your back on the driveway because of your extremely slippery shoes.
  • When you drink some water right as your sister says the most hilarious joke making you choke on your water. You can't stop coughing so a random person comes up to and asks if you need any help. When your don coughing you give your sister an evil glare and say, "You so did that on purpose."
  • When you entire family has lunch together between church services, and you have the least food on your plate but still finish last.

  • When you find a 1 dollar bill on the mall floor. It's not a lot, but it still makes your day.
  • Making it to the last 4 people in the dodge ball game even though you are the least sporty person in your entire youth group.
  • A nice warm cup of tea on a rainy day.
  • When your house gets invaded by essential oils. Man do I love those. =)
  • Buying brand new jewelry for such a low price. Icing is definitely one of my favorite accessory shop!
  • Finally learning how to braid! (I know...being a girl and not knowing how to braid. How embarrassing. But I finally mastered it this week. Woot woot!)
  • Reading few chapter from the book of Psalms each night before you go to bed. So encouraging!
  • Taking a nice long walk in fields and forest by yourself. It does so much good to you.
Shirt: Macy's
Skirt: Thrift Store
Shoes: Garage Sale
I am sorry for the poor photo quality. I took all of these pictures with my phone, therefore they are less "professional". Hope you all will excuse that! I pray y'all will have a wonderful rest of your evening.

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  1. I love your Awkward and Awesome posts mostly because I can relate to almost ALL of your awkwards! Oh, and you're not the only one, I am quite possibly the slowest eater and my family tells me that all the time!
    Nice outfit especially your shoes! I love love love them!

  2. Love love the outfit Ashley!! You awe and awks are hilarious!! :)

  3. Ashley, this is a cute outfit. I especially like your skirt!
    I completely relate to the awk about slow eating. Your awesomes sounds lovely though!

  4. i love it when people do these awkward and awesome posts. they are so much fun. i can relate to a lot of your awkwards. cute outfit by the way.


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