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8:13 PM

Hey y'all! I hope everyone's week is going fantastic, and hopefully you all aren't experiencing all the stormy weather I am. Today's outfit was actually put together in quite a rush, so I didn't have as much time to carefully plan and organize my outfit. Oh well....happens to everyone, right? =)
  • Tripping down the stairs at your piano teacher's house. You get the "You're crazy" look.
  • When someone asks you a question but you don't understand it at all, so you just answer "Yeah, totally". They look at you all weird and say, "I didn't even ask you a yes or no question."
  • Texting a friend and literally checking every 30 seconds to see if she responded. You know no one saw you do it, but you still feel silly inside.
  • When a little girl bumps into you at the food court line, and once she sees you, she immediately starts crying. Oh great. That went real smoothly.
  • Telling your friends how excited you are that spring is here. You then look out the window and see that it is pouring down rain, there are tree branches flying all over the place and it is below 50 degrees. Riiiiiight, spring.
  • When you dress up in a super springy outfit and a family member says, "Where do you think you're going? It's pouring down rain outside! Did you think it was spring?!" Well, yeah.....
  • Let me just put it this way- Fried chicken is overrated in my opinion.
  • When you are talking with a friend and he asks you if you watched some particular movies. He mentioned at least eight and you had to say "no" to every single one.You are then  trying to decide whether you should be happy that you don't watch movies or embarrassed. I went with happy.
  • You are trying to show your family how flexible you are so you attempt an arabesque. You fling your leg so far out you lose your balance and fall flat on your back. Well that was embarrassing.

  • Spring break! Ah....feels so good to have a break!
  • Finally memorizing a passage in your Chopin you've been working on for at least a hour that one day.
  • Just having an awesome email discussion with a friend. Good times, good times! =)
  • Googling cute pictures of baby kittens and bunny rabbits.
  • Face timing a good friend.
  • Shopping with your mom. After such good times, I could never imagine shopping alone. It isn't half the fun! Love you, Mom!
  • When you find an amazing deal on a shirt you've been eyeing for a while! You try to hold back on your happy dance.
  • Having an awesome big sister who is willing to take all you blog photo-shoots for you! Thank you so much, Cayla!
  • Watching your favorite TV show on a cold rainy night.
I was hoping to take pictures outside today, but the horrible weather forbid me to do so. Nevertheless, my week has been a mixture of both relaxing moments and hard work. I am very thankful for the one gorgeous day I was able to enjoy at the beginning of this week.
Cardigan: Target
Top {came with belt}: Macy's
Jeans: ???
Shoes: Gift
Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a wonderful rest of your week! Hope to post again very soon! =)

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  1. Darling outfit, Ashley! I really like the color of your top. It's so nice to know that there are other people out there that have moments of klutziness. ;) And yes, shopping with Moms is great! :)

  2. You look very sweet! lol, your little lists crack me up!

  3. Haha, I always enjoy reading through your awkward and awesome lists because they are always so funny! I love that cardigan with that shirt - perfect!

  4. Hey, Ashley, just found your blog. It's very similar to a friend of mine's . Please check it out(she doesn't have many viewers yet.

    One question….are you home schooled?

    Kathryn B.

  5. Hey Kathryn! So nice of you to stop by! I am homeschooled and have been for, well, my whole life! I checked out your friend's blog. Very sweet blog; thanks for sharing it!

  6. Aw, thanks Ashley. Love what you're doing with your blog!

  7. Hello dear Ashley, I really like how you contaminated green with white... lovely outfit :)
    Great weekend xxx


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