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Hey everyone! I'm super excited to share with you some outfits created by Like No Other readers! Here is Rachel from southkakalakigirl.com.

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m 12 years old.  My sister and I have a website called southkakalakigirl.com.  Our website is put together by a group of our friends.  All the content is written by girls for girls.  

I like graphic design and I’m interested in drawing.  I am learning a computer program called Adobe Illustrator.  I make lots of the graphics that are on our website.  So, if you visit the website, pretty much all the pictures and clip art are completely original and created by either me or my sister, Amanda! 

I am currently working on hand drawing all the writers that contribute to our newsletter.  I love doing both graphic design and drawing and have been having fun working on these things!  Cooking and baking are not a chore for me.  I actually enjoy being in the kitchen!  Another thing I enjoy is filming and editing videos for our website!  My sister and I have a show that we put on the website about every month and those are so much fun to make!
When I get to college, I would either like to study nursing or teaching.  Little children are so much fun, so I would like to teach kindergarten.   When we go on vacation, I prefer the beach over the mountains.  At the beach,  I always feel energized by the bright sunlight and crisp wind blowing in my hair.  The smell of the beach is invigorating and makes me so happy!

Even though I prefer the beach as I said before, I love cowgirl boots!  So, for this outfit, I decided to wear some dark brown cowgirl boots with patterned stitching on it.
Bright skirts are so much fun and are one of my favorite things to wear.  I love turquoise, so this one of my favorite skirts I have.  I also like the pop of bright green in the pattern!  

My jean jacket always brings out the creative side in me and when I wear it, I know something exciting is around the corner.
I love mixing patterns, as in florals and stripes!  This shirt is also cool because of the row of ruffles on the top.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! ~Rachel

If you'd like to submit your own outfit to Like No Other you can right here!

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  1. Cute outfit, Rachel! I love those cowboy boots. =]


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