Catching Up....

2:05 PM

Hey everyone! I have been so busy this past week, I hardly had time write a new post! Between being snowed in for days then traveling to Seattle, my life got pretty hectic. So I decided I would just post some pictures to show y'all what I've done for the past week!
My sister and I trying to smile without getting snow in our eyes.
These are all pictures of the fun time we had in the snow this past weekend. Along with the feet of snow we received, we also had freezing rain. Cold....
Here are a couple pictures we snapped while we were in Seattle!

Well...that's it, everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures. My family and I definitely had a fun and exciting weekend, but we are very ready to "cool down" again. :P See y'all next time!
PS- I'll be doing an outfit post very very soon....thanks for your patience, everyone! =)

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