Awkward and Awesome

12:20 PM

Hey everyone! I trust that y'all are already having a wonderful day. I thought I would mix things up a little today and introduce "Awkward and Awesome" posts. I have gotten several requests to do A&A from the survey answers. This week has already started on a wacky note, so I thought I'd share a few of my "experiences" along with my outfit!
  • When a friend asks  you something over five times but you can't hear or understand what she's saying, so you just nod your head yes and smile.
  • When your playing a game for the first time, and you totally give your team away.
  • When you ask someone a question that they just finished answering two seconds ago.
  • Looking at pictures of the Lord of the Rings character online with your friend and her little sister pops up and shouts "Is that your boyfriend?!"
  • Drinking water on the Senate floor (at the Capitol)  before the Pledge of Allegiance and water goes down the wrong tube. You can't stop coughing and you get some looks. Oopsy!
  • Bumping into a glass door at the mall because you didn't see it there.
  • Sitting at a table where everyone's talking about the newest movie that you didn't see, so your just sitting there waiting for a new topic to rise.
  • Texting someone a more "personal" joke, then realizing that you sent it to the wrong person.
  • Going into your closet with your hands full of just-bought-clothes, and realizing you'll have to move stuff around to find place to put the new clothes.
  • Buying the cutest shoes in the world at the thrift store, and coming home to find they're too small for you. Lesson learned.
  • Going laser tagging and literally bumping into the same one person five times in a row.


  • Having a warm dry place to cuddle up in when it's pouring down rain and hail outside.
  • Celebrating your grandpa's 70th birthday. He's such a blessing to me! <3
  • Ordering your very first thredUP box.
  • Getting nominated for the Sunshine Award by Laura.
  • Finishing a super long school project that took you forever to do.
  • Ordering the Double Chocolate Mousse cake at your favorite restaurant. Yum!

Hope y'all enjoyed this post! What was awkward and/or awesome for you this week?
PS- Don't forget to take the Like No Other Survey! Thanks! =)

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  1. I love your Awkward and Awesome post! So cute and funny! Awh, I'm glad I'm on your awesome list! :)

  2. Hey Ashley! What a cute outfit. That dress is to die for! Where did you get it from? I'd love to know.

  3. Hey Stephanie! Thanks! I actually have no clue where I got that dress from. LOL Normally I'll say where I got the different parts of my outfit from in my post, but for this outfit, I have no idea where I got anything except my boots and necklace. So...I'm sorry I can't answer your question! Hope to see you back soon!

    And Laura, thank you for nominating me! I'm looking forward to that! =)

    Ashley B.

  4. What is your favorite restaurant? I am so curious now! :)

    1. Hahaha. Yeah, it's Olive Garden. (It's Italian.) =)

  5. All of your Awkwards have happened to me. Cute post! -Bekah

  6. Cute outfit, Ashley! Thanks for visiting my blog! Keep up the good work! Blogging is definitely worth the effort!


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