Friday Fashion – Concert

11:58 AM

Hey y'all! I had such a fun night yesterday with my family and friends. I had the great privilege to attend a Christian concert featuring artists like Third Day, Jamie Grace, and my absolute favorite, Royal Tailor! I experienced amazing music, testimonies, worship time, Scripture and touching stories.

I wanted to wear something casual, yet still appropriate for a concert. So I chose a lace tank to match with some skinny jeans. Because the lace tank had a pretty low cut, I wore a white T-shirt underneath. I realize that for some skinny jeans are a big "no-no", but I think that as long as you are wearing a longer top that covers, you're fine!
My sis and I

Hanging out at the concert

It was so amazing to see artists praise the Lord in such a wonderful way! I had such a fun time and I hope I will be able to experience that again!

What did y'all do last night? Looking forward to a relaxing weekend?

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  1. Lovely outfit! I especially like the lace hem on the top. Fresh and feminine.

    I have a fashion blog myself, which I run with a few other ladies. You're welcome to come visit!

    -Leah Kathryn

  2. I agree with you; I think it's okay to wear skinny jeans. The only thing I do is make sure I wear a top that (AT LEAST) covers my backside.


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