First Fall Outfits

12:06 PM

Thought I might share a few quick pictures my sister and I took at the mall couple days ago. We snapped one of the pictures with my iPod touch, so it is  not the best shot. Sorry 'bout that!

I think fall is such a great time of the year. The air is chilly outside, but the sky is still clear and sunny. I love bringing in the sweaters, leggings and boots back into my outfits. On a particularly fresh day, I pulled on one of my favorite dresses. The zig-zag pattern is purple, black, and white with sparkles sprinkled all over into the fabric.

Cayla, my sister, wore a frilled camouflage dress with a black cardigan. The green from the dress really looked great with all the colorful leaves around.

What are some of your favorite fall outfits? Are you excited to bring out your fall pieces?

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  1. Hey Ashley!
    Just wanted to let you know that you are doing great with this blog! Keep up the good work! You look so put together, yet casual at the same time... love it! And, I am digging your sisters camo dress... adorbs! Keep it coming :)

    Love from,


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